Blood orange pie

It’s the end of the blood orange season and we decided to celebrate it with a luscious blood orange pie. The flavors of the peachy-colored curd reminded us of some unidentified childhood candies and we just couldn’t wait for the curd to set before cutting and devouring the pie, as you can see in the photo. This pie is fantastic, just go for it!

Pie crust
80 g butter
60 g icing sugar
20 g almond powder
30 g egg (about half an egg)
1/2 vanilla pod
160 g flour

Blood orange curd
120 g blood orange juice
zest of 3 blood oranges
30 g lemon juice
125 g egg (about 2,5 eggs)
110 g sugar
160 g butter

  1. Make the pie crust: Whisk together the butter, the icing sugar, the almond powder and the vanilla seeds. Add the egg. Pour on the flour and mix well without kneading. Wrap in plastic and let rest in the refrigerator.
  2. Bake the crust: Heat the oven to 170°C. Roll out the crust to 2-3 mm with a rolling pin. Lay it in a pie plate and make it stick on it by pressing it lightly on the edges.  Put the plate back in the fridge. Pierce the bottom with a fork and bake for about half an hour. Make sure the dough does not swell or droop while cooking. Once the crust is cooked, let it cool down.
  3. Make the blood orange curd: Cut the butter in cubes and let it warm up a bit. Wash the oranges well and grate the zest. Put the juice, the zest, the sugar and the eggs in a pan and place on medium heat. Stir constantly until the liquid thickens, but don’t let it boil! Pass through sieve and let it cool down, then add the butter and mix with a hand blender without letting any air into the curd. Pour over the pie crust and let set in the refrigerator for a few hours at least or until the next day.
  4. Make the dried blood orange slices: Cut very thin slices of blood orange with a really sharp knife. Place them in an oven plate and cook them in 100 °C for half an hour or more, depending on the thickness.

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