About us

You want to know everything about French pâtisserie and how to make it? You came to the right place.

Kex Appeal is the result of the cooperation of two Finnish-born Parisian bakery chefs, Kaisa and Terhi.

As kex means “biscuit” in Nordic languages,  this blog is about pastry, our passion for it, sweet recipes and places to go (mostly in Paris) to have an ecstatic pastry experience.

On the program: cream puffs, profiteroles, pies, desserts, millefeuilles, galettes, cinnamon rolls, ganaches, salted butter caramel, sweets of all kind… but some savory pastries as well.

The authors are also the creators of Leivonen, caterer and specialist of Nordic cuisine in France.

You can contact us by mail at:

Here’s Delight Magazine‘s mini-portrait of Leivonen (in French):